Why A Mobile Website?

As there are more advancements in mobile technology, the more we embrace them. There is no technology today that has touched so many people, no matter their economic status. There are more cellphones than PC's. Not only are we talking on the phone, we are searching on it. As more searches are being performed from pda/cellphones, so is the need to have a mobile website. And what does over 90% of the population have in their pockets or bags? That's right, a cellphone.

Next time you do a search from your device, take a look at the search engine's site. Quite likely it's mobile ready. Designed to load and respond faster. Search engines are also paying attention to who has a mobile device and directs to that site rather than a desktop site. Data charges are expensive. Why should you provide your customer a slow loading bloated PC site that will cost them more money. On the go they want to retrieve information quickly such as your address, phone, etc..

Google, Bing, & Yahoo! mobile search portals.

Without a mobile website, you are losing business. Many mobile devices will not allow regular websites to load on their phones. Why? The device was never designed to load that much information, any attempt to load will not display the site correctly. MobOpt.com's mobile framework determines the device's capabilites, then renders the page accordingly. This is no small task, but will appear seamless to any MobOpt.com customer's site. We refer to this as an MobOpt'd site. Not only will your MobOpt site look fine on a mobile phone, but also on other devices such as PDA's and portable gaming devices such as the Nintendo DS.

Have a Flash® Website?

On a mobile device you've almost lost 99% of potential customers. However neat to look at, Flash® sites are very heavy loading in normal browsers let alone a mobile device, if it loads at all. Mobile devices were never designed to load Flash®, so your website is out of luck on mobile. Apple® refuses to add support for Flash® on its iPhone and iPad devices because of these reasons. That's a massive chunk of business gone. Flash not supported on your device.

At MobOpt.com, we believe in helping you grow your business by providing a top notch service at an incredible price. This is a fantastic opportunity for any small, medium, and enterprise sized business to capture a new market.

$55 Mobile website package.

There are over 5 billion cellphone subscriptions in use today.


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Mobopt.com supported on many mobile browsers including iOS, Blackberry, Android, Sony, Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Palm, Windows Phone, Nokia, Opera, Symbian, PSP, DS, htc, Motorola and tons more.

Making the world mobile friendly a site at a time.