Common Questions

I have a custom feature that I would like to add, is it possible?
Send us an email and we can discusss it. We do custom solutions as well.
I have a website, why do I need a mobile site?
Allow your users to access your site faster through a mobile optimized site. There are more mobile devices than there are desktops today.
What's the difference between a mobile site and a regular site?
The truth is traditional desktop websites were not designed to be viewed on mobile devices such as a cellular phone or pda. There is a lot going on in the background of a desktop site that you don't see happening. Mobile devices do not necessarily support a lot of the technologies that go into making a regular site, and if they do, it takes a much longer time to load. The longer a site takes to load will make the end-user frustrated, and can cost more in data charges. Not good at all.
I don't have a smartphone so I don't need a mobile website.
On the contrary, MobOpt mobile sites work amazingly on non-smartphones as well. Optimized to load the features required so your customers get the information they need.
Do these sites use regular HTML?
Some do, some don't. There are many devices that support various types of modified HTML (The language used to design websites). Manufacturers also adhere to their own standards. In other words, it is complex and always changing. Our system is always being updated for the latest handhelds and has taken a lot of the guess work out of the equation, allowing your site to look good on all devices.
Is my device supported?
We support thousands of devices and are frequently updating our database. We are quite sure we have yours. :)
What is .mobi and do I need to use it?
.mobi is the top level domain name used to let the world know that your site is mobile compliant. It may also help search engines in categorizing your site. However there a lot of sites large and small that do not necessarily use it. Some may prefer to use or So no, you are not necessarily required to use a .mobi extension.
I don't have a PC site, is it still possible to have a mobile site?
Of course! You can use a mobile site as your main site. By going through our signup wizard you will be able to enter the content for the pages you need, and we will put it together for you.
I have a multilingual site, can you support it?
We most definately can. Contact us if you need more pages otherwise our $55 Package can handle it.
Do you plan to add more features?
Yes, we are always adding news features, and always thinking of new stuff to add, either free or at an extremely affordable price.
How can you offer such an inexpensive service?
The MobOpt team was formed out of destiny. A bunch of techies who want to help their families and friends small businesses grow. We know you are distracted with day to day stuff. We want to help you get more business without breaking the bank. Word of mouth kept spreading and continues to help us grow (not to mention puts a smile on our face). But of course if you are a Fortune 500, multinational, conglomerate, we won't refuse you either and have solutions that fit your needs. :)
I want to use my exisiting domain name. Can I use it?
Of course. If you have access to your domain control panel, you can edit your host records (we'll supply you the required info) and create a sub-domain, e.g.: Alternatively, we can supply a free domain name e.g:
What payment methods do you accept?
PayPal. We are PayPal Verified. Even though we accept PayPal, you are not required to signup for a PayPal account to pay us.
Can I host my mobile site you build?
Unfortunately no. We've built a platform that we host on our servers which is quite complex and would actually be overkill for the majority of our clients needs. By us hosting the site, we keep updating and maintaining for you.

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