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There are nearly 5 billion wireless subscriptions in use today. There are over 6 billion people on the planet. No other technology has even come close to this feat.

Mobile internet usage is increasing 4 times per year for carriers globally.

There are more mobiles phones then there are desktop computers.

Mobile internet access is starting to outpace desktop access. In Asia and Africa it already has.

Social networking websites are experiencing triple digit growth on mobile devices.

Smartphones will be almost 30% of all handsets by 2014 and almost 50% in some regions.

Mobile internet advertising is increasing sharply.

ESPN's mobile site gets more visitors than its PC site.

You will always look at a text message whether spam or legitimate, you can't say the same for email.

The US is the largest consumer of mobile internet in the world, India is the second.

Mobile web usage is growing more than 34% per year.

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There are over 5 billion cellphone subscriptions in use today.


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