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Better Browsing From a Mobile Phone Part 1 (Opera Mini)

Opera Mini Logo

Don't have the latest Smartphone such as an Android model, iPhone, or Blackberry, and not too happy with your feature phone web browsing experience.  No need to fret.

Opera Mini has been around for a while now and has great features. This is probably the first feature rich mobile browser that runs on multiple platforms and devices including Sony/Ericsson, Nokia, LG, Samsung, Motorola, Java, Symbian, Palm, Android, iOS (iPod,iPhone) and much more.

Its data compression technology helps speed up your pages about 80-90% which in-turn saves you money.

From the home page, you can add your favorite sites (Speed Dial) for easier access, there's a standard address and title bar, tabs to run more than one browser at a time, and navigation menu at the bottom.  Auto-completion allows for faster typing of the URL for the site you wish to visit.

Opera Mini screenshots.

The other amazing feature of this browser is its ability to adapt to devices such as candy-bar phones with small screens and touch devices. It'll render text and graphics better than the standard browser on most feature phones and has a built in keypad that's quite intuitive (touch-screens only). If your phone supports the landscaping feature Opera has no problems adjusting to size.

The cursor, (That's right a cursor!) allows for easy scrolling and zooming of a page and gives you a better idea what you are focusing. One awesome characteristic is to save pages. You can save a page and visit it afterwards even if you are offline.

The download manager keeps track of what you are saving to your device by pausing and resuming like an actual browser. This will come in handy as the Opera home page gives you access to an app store where you can get more stuff including some for free.

Flash support is partial and only on Windows Mobile. But again, we are not big fans of Flash on mobile devices as they will increase your data charges and provide a slow user experience.

More Opera Mini screenshots.

To get Opera Mini simply visit from your mobile's current browser (which will be the last time you use that browser, on a feature phone at least) and select the download link.

We at MobOpt are huge fans of this Mini browser and give props to Opera for finding their niche in an already competitive market place.


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