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Happy Holidays

holidays 2011

Happy holidays to all, and hope you and your families have a safe, sober, successful new year.


Thanks Steve...

Steve Jobs

Thanks for your inspiration. It's your vision of the smartphone that helped exist today.


What are Smartphone Users Looking for?

Google Mobile Insights

A recent poll taken by Google/IPSOS wanted to find out how do smartphone owners really use their phones and what for. Over 5,000 US adults aged between 18 - 64 were interviewed for the findings. The research was conduced Q4 2010.

Some of the questions they were asked:

  • How are smartphones used in daily life?
  • How do consumers multi-task with their smartphones?
  • What types of info are consumers searching for on mobile?
  • What role do smartphones play in decision making for products & services?
  • How do consumers respond to mobile ads?

Here's what they found:

  • 89% use phone through out the day.
  • 93% of the time it's used at home while 89% on the go. 73% in a restaurant, 72% at work, and 54% at a coffee shop.
  • 81% use to browse the net, 68% use an app., 48% watch videos.
  • Almost three quarters of those surveyed use it while listening to music (44%), watch TV (33%), reading (22%), and play video games (27%).

Smartphone Users are Multi-taskers

  • They are using their phone while they are waiting (59%), eating (48%), entertaining (40%), driving (20%), taking a shower (8%).
  • 89% use to check email and socialize, 82% read the news and research, 75% use it to find a place, 65% keep entertained, 45% use to manage finances and make dinner or travel arrangements.

Give up my high heels? Why not.

43% will give up beer, 36% would give up chocolate, 34% would give up Superbowl tickets, 26% would give up high heels and 20% would give up cable TV.


  • Search sites are the most visited from a mobile device at 77% while coupon sites are about 18% retail sites make up 46%. Social sites are second at 65%.

What are they Looking for?

When searching, smartphone users are primarily looking for news (57%) while 51% are looking for a restaurant. 31 percent are looking for travel and 47 percent are shopping.

Quick Loading Sites Need Only Apply

89% are trying to find something now such as book a restaurant reservation, travel arrangements, research related information for a purchase. The chances of them acting from the phone are much greater than making the decision from a desktop and 9 out of 10 have done so. More than half will take action because of this.


95% are looking locally as a result 77% contacted the business and 44% made the purchase. All this happened within the day.

  • 74% Of smartphone shoppers made a purchase as a result of using smartphone.
  • 70% will perform a search while in store. 48% made use of a coupon.
  • 67% researched on a smartphone then bought in store.
  • Only 9% visited the store then made a purchase on a smartphone (something tells me this number is going to jump).
  • 27% purchased trough a mobile website while 22% purchased from an app.
  • In the past year smartphone shoppers spent about $300.


Smartphone users are constantly looking stuff up. 61 percent made a search by word-of-mouth, 44% saw in store, and 68% through an ad.

82% notice mobile ads. while display ads being the most popular. 49% look for more info., 27% contacted the advertiser, 33% visited the retailer, 49% made a purchase.

To see more and find out implications of the study, you can download the file here.

Watch a quick video here:



iOS5 and the iPhone

Apple's latest update for all devices, iOS5 is bound to rattle the industry once again leaving competitors in the dust and scratching their heads. The major push for this update is independence for mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad 2, and iPod Touch; as well as keeping everything in sync with their iCloud platform. In total over 200 new features are being introduced. We thought we would mention some mobile related aspects.

Message Center

Unified notification system via Message Center. Finally a smart way to receive group messages. When a message is received, it will be displayed at the top of the screen rather than an annoying popup and interrupts you playing Angry Birds. By dragging down on the message at the top you will be able to view all your SMSs, emails, calendar events, along with a stock and weather ticker.

The lock screen will be more intuitive as well allowing you to see all notifications from lock screen and jump right into the app.


The reminders app is more intuitive with a checklist and syncs with the iCal and Outlook. It is also location based so when you arrive or leave your destination a reminder can be sent.


Apple's faith in Twitter has been reinforced with tight integration of this service into the OS allowing it to interact with any application. You can even include your location.


Reader will allow an uncluttered view of a webpage from Safari with the click of a button. When viewing a webpage in Safari, just click on the Reader button and it will just display the content of that article you are reading removing ads and non related content. I'm not sure some site's will like this as they require ads to keep their site's running. You can bookmark an article for later and sync with iCloud so that you can view from your desktop/laptop and iPad. Safari will now have tabbed browsing.


The camera is finally accessible right from the lock screen for quick access and the volume button will be used to take pics acting as the shutter button on cameras (thank god). Integrated photo editing with red eye reduction and cropping.

Keyboard can now be split for easier typing for the most of us.

With Airplay, Apple is diving in full force to make sure you can share movies, music and photos in any room in the house. With the iPad 2 you can now mirror exactly what you see from your iPad 2 to your big screen TV, including landscape view.


Apple's answer to Blackberry's BBM, iMessenger allows a messaging service amongst iOS users. All messages are synced with your iOS devices so you can leave home and continue your message at the office. Supports both 3G and WiFi.

PC Free: Setup your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch without the need of a desktop. Software updates are over the air. You can now sync all your itunes files via WiFi, no need to plug in to your desktop anymore.

Watch the video here:

Some interesting points from the keynote:

  • iOS has 44% of the mobile market share making it the #1 OS.
  • 25 million iPads sold in the first 14 months.
  • Safari mobile has over 90% market share due to the fact that the browser engine they developed is also being used by Google Chrome mobile.
  • Over 15 billion songs sold in iTunes music store making it the #1 music retailer in the world.
  • In less than 1 year since the launch of the iBookstore, all major publishers have signed on and over 130 million books have been sold.
  • There are close to half a million apps in App Store and 90,000 of these are specifically designed to take advantage of the iPad. 14 billion downloads in less than 3 years. $2.5 billion has been paid out by Apple to app developers.

Check out the whole keynote here.



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