Tourism and Your Mobile Site

Family using cellphone

With the major tourist season approaching in North America the mobile site is going to be the key to your success. Whether you are in a coastal beach town or a bustling major city, travelers’ cellphones are going to be their #1 resource tool. They’ll be making decisions while traveling in the car, at the airport, train, or bus.
People are 3 times more likely to act on a decision on their mobile than from the pre-panning research they did from their laptops at work or home. This means they will be making last minute decisions on where to go and what to see at that moment.

They will be headed to the major search engine of their choice whose site is already mobile optimized to make the decision on which district to hang out, what to eat, where to take the kids (chances are the kids will pull out their phones to make their own decisions), what to see, and hopefully all in the same place or close by.

If you search from Google, Google will show their Places results first, other sites might pop up like Yelp or various directory and social sites, which will be mobile optimized to help your customers make that decision. These sites will then lead your customer to your business’ website for more information which will detect the users mobile device, and redirect to your mobile optimized site right?

If not this is what might happen:

  • Too slow to load on a mobile.
  • Hard to read information, too much pinching and scrolling.
  • Full site is heavy, will increase the potential customers data charges not to mention they are on roaming.
  • They’ll easily find another site that’s mobile ready.
Family looking at their mobiles

Basically you’ve lost them. With the tourism season being short, you cannot afford that. For some businesses it is the only time they make money. For the rest, it’s that additional income they can earn when their regular clientele slows down.

Tourists will make decisions on the spot. Help them make that decision easier with a mobile website. Give them quicker access to your menu, products & services, call you with one click, and map you directly from your mobile website.

Give yourself the advantage.


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