Mobile Marketing 101

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a combination of tools and resources to get your mobile site noticed. Why the emphasis on a mobile site rather than a desktop/laptop site? Quite simply, no other technology has seen such explosive growth. In human history, no other technology has ever been adopted as quickly as mobile. Apple’s business is now 50% iPhone sales. Almost 80 million Americans now have a smartphone. This makes it more enjoyable to view a site on a mobile device. That said, you would still require a mobile website for maximum compatibility.

So now that you have a mobile website, what next? We’ll discuss some points to get people to view your site from a mobile device.

Your Desktop Site

The primary source of traffic to your mobile site will still be from your desktop site. To make sure your mobile visitors have a more comfortable experience you can redirect mobile devices to your mobile website (we can help you there). This way they’ll get the information quicker, and will be much easier to read. Put a link to your mobile site, somewhere at the top of your desktop site. This way it’ll be easily accessible to mobile visitors without having to scroll to find it.

Text Messaging

SMS Marketing is exploding. There are various services out there where you can build a list of opt-in phone numbers, and send periodical messages to these users promoting your products or services. Some examples include restaurants promoting specials and events, realtors informing prospective clients of open houses, or a daily deal (but don’t spam).

Another method is to advertise your SMS short code some where a client could see it. The customer sends a message to that short code along with the keyword of what they are interested in. Then they will receive a reply with a short message along with the link of the mobile site for them to view on their phone.

So for example, I walk down the street and see a billboard of a product I am interested in. The billboard mentions the short code and the keyword: ‘Text widget to 12345’ widget being the keyword, and the short code (where I am sending the text message to) being 12345. I will then receive an auto reply of the interested product.

New forms of text marketing keep emerging. More recently vicinity messages, where a message is recieved from a bus stop ad., or a billboard ad. in a mall, will be received by detecting your location, and sending you an offer in that area.

Text is a very exciting mode to get your mobile website noticed. Prices for text campaign services maybe on the higher end for some, but with popularity and competition like everything else (except gas), will come down.

QR Code and Offline Marketing

We discussed this 2D barcode in our earlier posting. Quick Response or QR codes are a barcode that allows a lot more information to be stored and read from a QR code scanner (up to 4,000 alphanumeric characters). The scanner is available to download on any smartphone and non-smartphone for free, and is quickly becoming an invaluable tool for any business. The beauty of QR codes is that they are also free. You can generate them online, even from our site, and use them in your marketing efforts. The QR code is simply an image file. Use it on your business cards, signage, window display, vehicle, use in your social sites such as Facebook and Twitter as they have mobile versions of their sites as well, your website, and of course advertisements.

Mobile Advertising

Of course the banner ad. has become mobile and is more successful than any of its predecessors. Online advertising publishers such as Admob, Google, and InMobi have seen amazing click rate conversations on the mobile front in comparison to TV, print, and desktop web. Google recently published a blog post stating that almost 80% of smartphone users will click on an ad from a mobile device whether it is in a game, app, or browser. These are phenomenal statistics considering people usually avoid looking at ads all together in traditional modes.

Use a .mobi Domain Name

When looking at the vehicle in front of you with their .com address, are you thinking 'I should pull out my phone and check their site'? No. Because the .com address instinctively tells you they are a desktop site. If their site was a .mobi, then you would automatically think to look at it from your mobile device rather than saying to yourself, 'I'l go home and see the site'. By then you've already forgotten about it. .mobi says I'm a lean, quick mobile site, ready to deliver the content to you fast, right here, right now. Find one here.

In the discussed marketing options above, you should promote your .mobi domain name.

Whether your budget is big or small, we hope this post will help you increase traffic to your mobile site. As the summer months approach and the tourist season kicks in, these techniques will surely give you a major advantage, and will help defy economic statistics.

Let’s not forget, you’ll need the mobile site for all to see ☺. Mobopt will help you there. We’ll build you a professional optimized site at an amazing price with too many features to mention here.

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