Case Study: Restaurant Mobile Site (Thali Indian Cuisine)

Restaurant mobile site

When restaurateurs are asked what is the number one consideration for their success once the physical operation is up and running, and they’ll say their website. There is no doubt that a website is detrimental to restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels and motels awareness and success.

But do they consider a mobile website?  The answer is no. Why? Because the majority of restaurant owners or marketing decision makers do not realize that there is a difference. Checking out our blog and site will not only immediately make you realize why you need one, but let us talk about the restaurant, food service sector in particular.

If there’s any industry that a mobile site was invented for, it’s this segment. Mobile sites are just that, mobile. Allowing people to find you on the go. The responsiveness of a mobile site loads data quicker than a regular website as portable devices have memory and processing limitations. Various companies such as Apple refuse to support Flash on their devices and the remaining vendors that do support it provide for a slow, poor experience.

Flash remains a popular choice for restaurant and nightclub owners as they get your attention and give that modern attractive feel of your establishment. But on phones, people can’t find your information and can cause excessive data charges to the customer.

Regular sites written in HTML (the language for authoring websites) contain a lot of features that load slow on mobile devices, as the language was not written for it. However, some HTML is used, but you would have to know what is supported on what device, without breaking the site on another device (There are over 5000 devices!).

The other thing a lot of people say to themselves is, ‘oh, we’ll only support the latest smartphones, we don’t need customers from older or feature-phones’. This is a major blunder. With all the hype around smartphones such as the iPhone and Android, we forget that the majority of cellphones out there are feature-phones with regular dial pads and are internet ready. These phones still account for 65% of the market.

When Thali Indian Cuisine in Montreal, Canada realized they needed a mobile solution and did their homework, they chose MobOpt for plenty of reasons…
“They built the site for us” said manager Remona Sandhu. “Our current designer offered to build it, but didn’t really seem to understand everything involved, not to mention a high charge rate”.

“The features included are phenomenal. I track my visitors via AdMob’s Analytics service. I can see exactly where they are coming from, and from which devices”.
“Their SEO is awesome! Google found my mobile site and I get a substantial amount of visitors from them. The price made it a no brainer for me. Where else would you get a solution like this hosted for only $55, I am still amazed”.

“The feedback from my customers is excellent. First off, it gave us a more professional image and makes us appear tech savvy (when really we aren’t ;)). Our customers find us on the go, and with the Click-to-Call feature, customers are happy they can contact us so easily.  One told me he goes to our mobile site even from his desktop as it is quick and the info is relevant. 
The share features allows my customers to tell they their friends on Facebook and Twitter about us”.

“All in all, I can’t endorse this service enough. It is a major asset to our business and I would highly recommend to any restaurant or business in general out there. As a matter of fact, maybe more important than a regular website”.


$55 Mobile website package.

Smartphones will be almost 30% of all handsets by 2014 and almost 50% in some regions.

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