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We know you don't have the time to start building a new website let alone maintain your current one. Surprisingly, the effort required in making a mobile website is vast and complex. Allow us build it for you. We'll make it look good, load fast, and will build it affordably.

We are a team of developers, designers, & marketing specialists with 10 years of industry experience. While designing sites we also consider how to get your site noticed. Besides making it look good, we ensure that people find you as well.

We believe that professionalism shouldn't break the bank. Good looking sites with standard SEO techniques is a necessity to your success and is included in your package. When you sign up, we will go above & beyond your expectations, and deliver a non-generic solution at an amazing price.

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$55 Mobile website package.

One of India's largest wireless providers, Tata, alone gets 9 million new subscribers a month.


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Mobopt.com supported on many mobile browsers including iOS, Blackberry, Android, Sony, Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Palm, Windows Phone, Nokia, Opera, Symbian, PSP, DS, htc, Motorola and tons more.

Making the world mobile friendly a site at a time.